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Driving Field Efficiencies through Enterprise System Integration

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Driving Innovation for Utilities through No-Code Integration

The IBM Maximo Integration Connector is an out-of-the-box, no-code solution to synchronize your data between Maximo and the rest of the enterprise.

The Geonexus Maximo connector communicates with Maximo via REST services or RMI and JDBC with constantly-managed updates of Maximo to eliminate version lock. With built-in features like full comparison of data and comprehensive reporting, the Maximo Integration Connector ensures integrity of enterprise data whenever the integration is run. Data can easily be accessed in either system without requiring viewing at the source. [watch the webinar] 

A common challenge for many organizations is the time and maintenance cost associated with custom-coded integration solutions. The Geonexus Integration Platform not only reduces time and money spent on integrating systems, it also protects against version lock when either system is upgraded.  

Features & Benefits: 

  • Ensures the integrity of enterprise data through full compare approach
  • Facilitates scheduled and on-demand synchronization
  • Provides multi-system capability across enterprise databases
  • Capable of transforming data (value lists, calculated fields, geotransform)
  • Offers comprehensive reporting
  • Supports all Maximo Business Objects including Locations, Assets, Work Orders, Service Requests, and Service Addresses
  • Full support for classifications and specification attributes

Connecting Your Maximo and GIS Data

Connection Without Complication​

Your systems need to connect without complication. The Geonexus Integration Platform easy-to-navigate user interface makes connecting system simple and eliminates the complexity of synchronizing data.

Connecting Your Data

Unified Systems Lead to Better Business Outcomes

Readily available information streamlines workflow. With our platform, your applications connect in near real time, providing a unified view of data throughout the enterprise.

Connecting Your Applications

Provide Your Team With Data They Can Trust

Trust is everything when it comes to data. Our platform empowers a level of data quality that your whole organization can rely on. With every synchronization, a report automatically identifies discrepancies, duplicates, errors, and more. That platform also provides proactive error and issue notifications that alert when something fails.

Comprehensive Reporting Out of the Box

Enlarge Image

Simple Connection and Configuration  

Uncover true flexibility with the out-of-the-box, no-code configuration for Maximo integration. Once equipped with a service account with desired read/write permissions, you’re able to configure quickly with a few steps. 

Image: An example configuration of a REST connection to a Maximo system.

Continued Ease with Data Source Alignment 

Configuration of an asset data sources is streamlined through the Geonexus Integration Platform’s user interface. The configuration of data sources and creation and modification of synchronization rules is completed with out-of-the-box drag and drop functionality. 

Image: An example configuration of an asset data source.

Enlarge Image

Integration Innovation for Utilities 

“Organizations today are racing to keep up with the sheer volume of data being generated. Many organizations are dealing with data that is compartmentalized in disparate systems with no way to connect. Realizing that true understanding of organizational data involves combining systems in an easy-to-use, unified platform is the first step to harnessing true value from your enterprise system investments.”

Skip Heise, CEO, Geonexus Technologies

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Explore our library of pre-packaged connectors that understand native business logic in each system. Gone are the days of previously siloed away, inaccessible data.

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