The Geonexus Platform

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Customers who use the Geonexus Integration Platform connect their enterprise system in days — not weeks or months — with our easy-to-use, intuitive interface, which requires no code. This allows for reduced time to value while eliminating development expenses for your integration initiatives. The platform supports both data and application integration scenarios and provides insights into your enterprise data quality.

Data Integration

Your systems need to connect without complication. Our platform makes that happen by performing a full comparison of data on every enterprise system you use — every time you run it.

Connecting Your Data

Application Integration

Readily available information streamlines workflow. With our platform, your applications connect in near real time, providing the information you need right when you need it.

Connecting Your Applications

Data Quality

Trust is everything when it comes to data. Our platform provides quality information that your whole organization can rely on. With every synchronization, a report automatically identifies discrepancies, duplicates, errors, and more.

Depending On Your Data

The Geonexus Platform addresses data integration, application integration, and data quality, and includes a library of prepackaged connectors to leading enterprise systems for true “Plug-and-Play” integration.

Geonexus ensures the integrity of enterprise data. With over 20 years of experience integrating enterprise systems for asset-intensive organizations around the world. We aim to go beyond being another vendor. Instead, we are a partner who is committed to your success. Connecting systems and ensuring integrity.


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