Customer Case Study: The City of Henderson: Eliminating Technical Debt Through Integration

As organizations pursue Digital Transformation initiatives, many are realizing the value of integrating their enterprise systems to eliminate technical debt. The City of Henderson Department of Utility Services’ legacy integration between their Esri ArcGIS Enterprise and IBM Maximo asset management system not only required ample effort and manual processes to maintain, it was also causing data discrepancies over time.  

In this webinar, learn firsthand from Erika Provost, Sr. Utility Business Analyst at the City of Henderson how the organization eliminated technical debt, improved data quality, and increased organizational efficiency by implementing a productized integration solution between their Esri ArcGIS Enterprise and IBM Maximo system. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Learn how Geonexus helped eliminate technical debt for the City of Henderson through a productized integration solution  
  • Dig deeper into some of the primary challenges Henderson faced due to custom Python scripting 
  • Explore the key integration considerations and plans for successful implementation  

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