Application Integration

Connect data in near real-time to streamline workflow, business processes, and events

Readily available information makes your work easier. Our platform’s Application Integration enables applications to connect in near real-time to support workflows, events, and asset management processes. You get the information you need right when you need it.

  • Provides near real-time synchronization to support decision-making processes
  • Implements event-or transaction-based invocation
  • Allows for focused synchronization on small volumes of data
  • Supports business processes, workflows, and dashboards
“The GeoWorx Sync tool has been surprisingly fun to setup and our WAM team has picked it up quickly.”
Jeremy Williams, City of Clearwater


Data Integration

Your systems need to connect without complication. Our platform makes that happen by performing a full comparison of data on every enterprise system you use — every time you run it.

Connecting Your Data

Data Quality

Trust is everything when it comes to data. Our platform provides quality information that your whole organization can rely on. With every synchronization, a report automatically identifies discrepancies, duplicates, errors, and more.

Depending On Your Data

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