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Integration Transformation: Broward County Embraces No-Code Approach for IBM Maximo & ArcGIS Integration

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Transforming Rail Network Management: Australian Rail Track Corporation’s Ellipse EAM and ArcGIS Integration Journey

Eliminating Technical Debt Through Integration

Learn how Geonexus helped eliminate technical debt for Henderson Utilities through a productized integration solution.

Empowering a Mobile Workforce and Tracking and Traceability

See how Peoples embraced system integration to empower their mobile workforce and enable new Tracking and Traceability workflows.

Modern Integration to Promote Data Quality in Aging Systems

Learn how MSD utilized a modern integration approach to ensure data quality between their ArcGIS and Maximo systems and take full advantage of the power of integrated data.

How Cobb County Water System Used Integration to Solve GIS Data Integrity Issues and Improve Asset Management Operations

Learn how Cobb County Water System successfully integrated IBM Maximo and Esri ArcGIS using Geonexus' off-the-shelf integration platform.

Anchorage Water and Wastewater Implements Out-Of-The-Box Solution for GIS and Maximo Integration

Learn how Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility leveraged the Geonexus platform to avoid version lock and ensure data integrity between GIS and Maximo.

Power and Water Corporation Implements GeoWorx Sync to Regain Control of GIS and Maximo Integration

Learn how Power and Water Corporation decoupled their existing GIS and Maximo integration and increased data reliability by implementing the Geonexus Integration Platform.

Increasing Performance for Mobile Applications: Versioned to Non-Versioned Database Integration

See how Peoples Natural Gas improved mobile performance through GIS-to-GIS integration leveraging the Geonexus Integration Platform.

Increasing Data Integrity and Asset Reliability Through GIS and Maximo Integration at the City of Fort Worth

Learn why the City of Fort Worth chose the Geonexus platform to ensure their field operations teams had access to accurate and up-to-date information in the field.

Barbados Light & Power Company Leverages GeoWorx Sync to Create and Manage GIS Records from IBM Maximo

See how Barbados Light & Power Company eliminated the need to manually create records in GIS based on existing asset records in Maximo by implementing the Geonexus Platform.

The City of Detroit Implements GeoWorx Sync to Help Mitigate Fire Disasters

Learn why the City of Detroit implemented GeoWorx Sync to help improve the accuracy of hydrant status for firefighters, enabling them to make informed decisions during emergencies.

City of Clearwater: The Shift from a Custom to a Productized Solution for EAM and GIS Integration

See how GeoWorx Sync made it simple for the City of Clearwater's staff to manage the complex integration between their ArcGIS and Oracle Work and Asset Management system.

Eugene Water and Electric Board: Transitioning to an Enterprise Solution for Work and Asset Management

Learn how GeoWorx Sync allowed Eugene Water and Electric Board to quickly load over 500,000 records from their established GIS to their new Oracle Work and Asset Management system.

The City of Austin Uses IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management & GeoWorx Sync to Manage Aging and Growing Infrastructure

In a very short time, after implementing the GeoWorx Sync tool for GIS and Maximo synchronization, the City of Austin realized a number of tangible benefits.

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