Customer Support

Providing quality customer support is top priority at Geonexus. To meet your needs we are flexible and offer several channels for support.  Standard support is available to all customers that have a subscription or are current with software maintenance.   

Customers have the option to engage Geonexus for extended support which includes services beyond standard support.

Self Service Portal

Geonexus provides customers with 24/7 access to our self service support portal. The web portal is rich in content including knowledge base articles, user forum, and ability to create and manage support tickets to report issues and submit requests for product enhancements.

Email Support

Customers may also contact Geonexus support agents via email. Emails to automatically turn into tickets for our agents to respond. 

Telephone Support

Sometimes customers need immediate response and prefer to speak directly with a support agent. We have a technical support line that connects to our technical support team. 

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