Optimizing SAP Integrations for a Smooth Transition to Esri’s Utility Network​: The Tacoma Power Case Study

We are excited to announce an upcoming webinar in partnership with Locana, highlighting the Tacoma Power Case Study!  

This webinar focuses on the challenges Tacoma Power faced during their migration from Smallworld to Esri’s Utility Network and how Geonexus and Locana played crucial roles in ensuring a successful project. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Successful SAP-GIS Integration: The Tacoma Power Case Study showcases the challenges of ensuring existing SAP-GIS integrations are managed properly during the move from Smallworld to Esri’s Utility Network. Geonexus’ Integration Platform emerged as a reliable solution, offering ease of use, long-term support, and true middleware capabilities for efficient data synchronization now and in the future if any changes need to be made.  
  • Expert Utility Network (UN) & SAP Integration Consultation: Locana, as a trusted advisor, provided valuable guidance throughout the process from beginning to end. Their experience in Utility Network and ESRI-SAP SYNC projects proved instrumental in making informed business decisions and avoiding potential pitfalls early on.  
  • Future-Ready Solutions: Geonexus not only addressed the immediate integration needs of Tacoma Power but also demonstrated flexibility for future transitions. Its compatibility with S4 Hana migration and ability to handle serialized equipment in both SAP and GIS without extensive customization leaving them ready for adjustments in the process for long-term success. 

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