Connecting HxGN EAM and GIS: A Simplified Approach

EDITOR’S NOTE: Infor EAM was acquired by Hexagon and is now known as HxGN EAM.


Connecting geospatial data across enterprise systems is a growing trend among asset intensive organizations. The reality that disparate systems decrease organization productivity and connected systems lead to better decisions is driving this trend. 

The need for a reliable and cost-effective integration strategy between an organization’s EAM, GIS, and CIS systems is essential to the success of businesses across the globe, regardless of industry.

In this webinar, discuss current trends in geospatial data that are driving integration adoption with experts from Geonexus and see an overview and live demonstration of the Geonexus Integration Platform’s new HxGN EAM connector (formerly Infor EAM). 

Key Takeaways: 

The Need for a Reliable HxGN EAM – ArcGIS Integration 

  • Discover why GIS – EAM integration is an industry standard. 

How to Eliminate Custom Integrations 

  • Learn how the Geonexus Integration Platform eliminates the need for code-heavy, custom integration between GIS and HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM). 

View a LIVE demonstration of the new HxGN EAM connector through popular use case scenarios 

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