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City of Clearwater: The Shift from a Custom to a Productized Solution for EAM and GIS Integration

About the City of Clearwater

The City of Clearwater’s Public Utilities department serves over 100,000 people living and working in the City of Clearwater, playing a vital role in the community’s growth, prosperity, health, and safety.


After adopting Synergen (now known as Oracle® Work and Asset Management) in 2003 to manage assets for their multi-county Natural Gas System, Water, Storm, and Waste Water Utilities, as well as their Traffic Engineering and Urban Forestry divisions, the City of Clearwater made the decision to develop a custom integration between their new Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system and existing Esri® GIS system.

This custom integration was developed and maintained in-house for almost 12 years, but as the organization evolved, limitations of the custom scripts became increasingly apparent. The most costly limitation of their custom solution was the constant maintenance that the scripts required just to meet their basic needs. Other issues included: challenging configurations, painful change processes, problematic testing, and lack of reporting of any kind. Fundamentally, their home-grown custom solution became unwieldy, lacked key functionality, and was increasingly expensive to maintain.


In order to remove the burden of an in-house, custom solution and fulfill all of their integration requirements, Clearwater began their search for a GIS and EAM integration product. After an extensive search and bidding process, the City of Clearwater selected Geonexus Technologies’ product, GeoWorx® Sync, to satisfy their GIS and EAM integration needs. In addition to GeoWorx Sync, the City of Clearwater implemented the full suite of GeoWorx products including: GeoWorx Office, GeoWorx Mobile, and GeoWorx Sketch.


Geonexus Technologies successfully implemented GeoWorx Sync and the City of Clearwater immediately recognized the benefits of the solution. Their IT Director, Dan Mayer, said (of GeoWorx Sync), “GeoNexus has created an off-the-shelf product that makes it simple for my staff to manage the complex integration between ArcGIS and Oracle Work and Asset Management.”

With GeoWorx Sync the GUI is easily configurable, testing is simple, and it provides robust reports for Clearwater to analyze the results of every synchronization. The best part? GeoNexus takes care of all upgrades and maintenance issues.

Interested in hearing more about this productized GIS and EAM integration solution? View a recent presentation given by Clearwater at the 2016 Esri User Conference here or contact for more information.

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