Infor EAM and Esri ArcGIS: An Integrated Future

EDITOR’S NOTE: Infor EAM was acquired by Hexagon and is now known as HxGN EAM.

In 2021, Infor EAM was voted a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for EAM. But, while customer reviews prove that Infor EAM is a powerful and robust asset management tool, we know from experience that adding a geospatial framework to asset management insights is even more powerful.

Discover how integrating your organization’s Infor EAM and Esri ArcGIS systems takes each application’s abilities to the next level. Plus, learn how Geonexus’ new Infor EAM connector can help.

Why integrate Infor EAM and Esri ArcGIS?

First and foremost, data and application integration is essential for organizations managing the digital transformation journey to modernize manual processes, increase productivity, and ensure better data for better business decisions.

Integration allows asset-intensive organizations to:

  • Break down data and organizational silos between GIS and Asset Management departments.
  • Automate and digitize formerly manual and dual data entry tasks needed to keep Esri and Infor EAM up to date, saving hours for IT, GIS, and Asset Management teams.
  • Increase productivity in the field and empower the business operations team with up-to-date data in both systems.
  • Ensure data quality by providing the ability to leverage comprehensive data quality reporting to keep track of any changes, errors, or discrepancies in the data.

How Geonexus can help

Geonexus’ newly released Infor EAM connector allows Utilities, Transportation, Government, and other asset-intensive organizations to not only experience data integration between their asset and geospatial data, but also to quickly implement an off-the-shelf solution with no code or custom scripting.

Benefits of the Geonexus Integration Platform for Infor EAM – Esri ArcGIS Integration:


  • Off-the-Shelf: With productized, middleware integration connectors, the Geonexus Integration Platform requires no custom code to connect organizations’ Infor EAM and Esri ArcGIS systems.
  • No Version Lock: Geonexus stays up-to-date with the latest versions of Infor EAM and Esri ArcGIS, so companies can upgrade their Esri or Infor EAM systems when they want without fear of breaking the integration.
  • Citizen Integrator Enabled: Our easy-to-navigate user interface means the handoff from our implementation team to your organizations’ users will be smooth. Plus, using the drag-and-drop functionality native to the Geonexus Integration Platform, your organization can make edits, changes, etc. within the integration with no coding.


On their own, HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) and Esri ArcGIS are powerful asset management and geospatial tools. Integrated together, the power is only amplified. Learn more about Geonexus’ new Infor EAM connector and request a demo here:

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