Asset Management Trends: Two Products, One Powerful Approach to Maximo and GIS Integration and Visualization

Let’s get right to the point – your organization needs to synchronize IBM Maximo and Esri ArcGIS systems to ensure data integrity and improve business decisions. But, your Maximo team also wants the ability to view assets and work orders on a map. And, your GIS team wants the time they have spent making those individualized maps back. If this sounds like your organization, you need a comprehensive integration and visualization solution for Maximo and GIS. 

ActiveG and Geonexus offer a no-code, citizen integrator tool to do just that. Read on to learn who we are, and why our combined solution works.  

Data Integration 

The ultimate Maximo – GIS solution relies on robust, high-quality data integration – that’s where Geonexus comes in. The Geonexus Integration Platform has out-of-the-box integration connectors to Esri and IBM Maximo, so organizations can connect their systems using our loosely-coupled middleware. 

Our platform connects to Esri via a geodatabase or REST API connection, enabling geometric or utility network organizations to leverage the platform. Plus, Geonexus connects off-the-shelf to a REST API connection to Maximo, allowing on-prem or cloud organizations to utilize the tool. Our proprietary full compare data synchronization process ensures accurate, up-to-date data in both systems, and creates reports identifying any errors, discrepancies, changes or deletes each time a synchronization is run. These reports ensure data integrity and data quality stay top of mind. 

Data Visualization

Integrated data is powerful – visualizing that data is a game-changer. That is where our technology partner, ActiveG, comes in. ActiveG’s MapEngine allows organizations to visualize their GIS objects and Maximo asset management records on the same map for streamlined visualization of business assets and health.  

MapEngine is especially impactful for Maximo teams within organizations. In addition to visualization, MapEngine also allows Maximo teams to create work orders and see assets on a map, increasing productivity. Take an emergency maintenance order, for example. Perhaps a customer calls in about a water main break in their neighborhood. Instead of sending crews out with vague knowledge about asset location, history, and health, with MapEngine, Maximo teams can quickly view the neighborhood, determine if there is indeed a water main in the vicinity, and decide based on size, asset health, and maintenance history how many people to send to the job and exactly where to send them. 


Data Integration and Data Visualization allow asset-intensive organizations a comprehensive view of their enterprise data, ensuring data integrity, increasing productivity in the field and the office, and helping business leaders make better decisions.  

Watch our webinar with ActiveG’s Andy Stewart to learn more about our combined solution with ActiveG. When you’re ready to learn more, book a meeting with Geonexus to discover how your organization can benefit from the Geonexus – ActiveG Maximo – GIS integration solution.

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