An Approach to SAP and ArcGIS Integration That Delivers Value

Integrating SAP and ArcGIS can be challenging. Many organizations spend millions of dollars on integration and still fail to capture business value from their investment. However, with the right tools and leadership, an organization can get value quickly.

Geonexus recently teamed up with Systems Integration Partner, Critigen, an industry leader in system integration, to provide a unique, comprehensive approach for SAP and ArcGIS integration. This business process-centric approach brings together the complementary technology of Geonexus and Critigen to support the effort of bringing SAP and ArcGIS data together to ensure real business benefits and a faster return on investment.

The approach is enabled by backend data integration technology, the Geonexus Integration Platform. This fully supported platform provides a full compare approach for data integration that compares data in SAP with your data in ArcGIS and makes updates, edits, or deletes based on your designated configuration. You may synchronize as many or as few datasets as needed to accomplish your specific use case.

Once the data is synchronized, Critigen’s SAGE pattern can be deployed. The SAGE pattern helps to geo-enable use cases that you have across your enterprise that leverage SAP and Esri data. This includes workflows like outage management and customer notifications, asset failure and repair cost analysis, and work and inspection monitoring and metrics.

Watch the webinar below to learn more about this approach for SAP and ArcGIS integration as well as other key considerations when embarking on an initiative to integrate your SAP and ArcGIS.

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