Integration in Action: How Geonexus Solves 3 Complex Maximo – GIS Integration Use Cases

Aligning multiple Maximo records into a single GIS record is an increasingly common challenge for organizations implementing or managing a Maximo – GIS integration. The challenge of aligning records across systems can come in the form of several complex use cases including:

  • Handling Asset Swaps between Maximo and GIS
  • Utilizing full Maximo Service Address Functionality
  • Synchronizing 2 GIS records into Maximo

This webinar will highlight how the Geonexus Integration Platform provides a redefined approach to solving these complex use cases and how our no-code approach to Maximo-GIS integration is solving other integration challenges across the globe. Join Geonexus to learn how Geonexus empowers organizations to solve complex use case scenarios when integrating Maximo and GIS.

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