Fall MUWG 2023


How Maximo-GIS Integration is Revolutionizing Emergency Work Order Response

With an ever-expanding data footprint, Utilities know that integrated data is paramount to ensure the safety and satisfaction of customers. This is no exception for emergency work orders and response. To ensure a fast response, one utility – South Jersey Industries (SJI) – is using the combined power of the Geonexus Integration Platform and ActiveG’s MapEngine to locate the closest service vehicles to emergency work orders in real time. The solution also filters each crew in each vehicle by their skill and labor qualifications, ensuring that only crews with relevant skillsets are assigned to each work order.

Join ActiveG and Geonexus to learn how the combined power of the Geonexus Integration Platform and MapEngine are revolutionizing work order response times for South Jersey Industries (SJI).

Key Takeaways:


  • Learn about the combined power of Geonexus’ Integration Platform and ActiveG’s MapEngine
  • Explore more of the SJI use case, requirements, implementation process and where each partner fits in
  • See a demonstration and overview of the technology behind the SJI use case: 1) Geonexus Integration Platform configuration and 2) MapEngine set up by ActiveG

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