From Vision to Reality: Your Path to a Successful Utility Network Migration

Geonexus, in collaboration with Saranya Kesavan, Product Manager at Esri, presents “From Vision to Reality: Your Path to a Successful Utility Network Migration.”  

Migrating to the Utility Network (UN) is no small feat – it often involves multiple departments and consultants working together in unison for a successful transition. Proper planning, processes, and partners must be established for a smooth transition.  

In this exclusive session, Saranya Kesavan will unveil the pivotal role of the Utility Network in shaping the future of utilities and what Esri recommends to better prepare for your upcoming UN projects. The webinar will delve into various aspects of the project including key considerations in how to plan and prepare for your move to the UN. 

Kesavan and experts from Geonexus will unveil practical tips, emphasizing a holistic approach that includes simple, step-by-step plans based on previously tested data source successes. 

But that’s not it, Geonexus will be demonstrating the Geonexus Integration Platform (GIP) to show how we can help you incrementally synchronize your data from the Geometric Network (GN) to Utility Network (UN) as you transition.

Prepare to leave with the tools to embrace the Utility Network with confidence, competence, and clarity. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • Uncover the Utility Network’s evolution, exploring its industry-tailored benefits and cutting-edge capabilities presented by Saranya. 
  • Derive key tips and considerations to be thinking about as you plan for or begin to migrate to the Utility Network. 
  • See a live demonstration of the Geonexus Integration Platform (GIP) highlighting incremental synchronization from GN-UN. 

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