Integration Transformation: Broward County Embraces No-Code Approach for IBM Maximo & ArcGIS Integration


Broward County Water and Wastewater Services (WWS) provides water related services and maintenance to approximately 250,000 Water service and over 650,000 Wastewater service customers. The Broward County Water and Wastewater Operations Division (WWOD) is a division of WWS that is specifically responsible for pumping, treating, and distributing water and the provision of wastewater collection services to retail and water resale customers. The division also operates and maintains water treatment plants, re-pumping and storage facilities, lift stations, underground water distribution and sewage collection systems. Broward County Water Wastewater Engineering Division (WWED) is the engineering portion of WWS and provides planning, capital project management, and environmental engineering services. Water and Wastewater Services Information Technology Division (ITD) is dedicated to delivering technology solutions to all WWS divisions and customers.


Broward County WWOD relies on IBM Maximo as its Asset Management system and WWED relies on Esri ArcGIS as its GIS mapping software. For years, the divisions used a custom tool, MaxGIS, to synchronize data between the two software products. However, this tool became unsupported and incompatible with upgraded versions of Maximo (, limiting WWOD and WWED to their existing software versions. Faced with this challenge, WWOD, WWED, and ITD sought a reliable commercial solution capable of seamlessly transferring GIS / Asset data, while allowing them to stay current with future upgrades of both Esri and IBM Maximo. 

The Solution 

In the pursuit of a solution, Broward County WWOD and WWED evaluated Maximo Spatial and Geonexus. Drawing on feedback from other organizations and their own positive experiences with Geonexus CEO and CTO, Skip Heise and Jeremy Wolfe in the past, WWOD and WWED chose to implement Geonexus as their Maximo-GIS integration solution. The decision was influenced by Geonexus’ user-friendly interface, Geonexus’ expertise in understanding both Maximo and GIS business logic, and the positive references from other Geonexus customers. 

With Geonexus’ integration platform for Maximo-GIS integration, Broward County WWOD and WWED effortlessly manage their data life cycle: features created in GIS are transmitted to Maximo, updates made in GIS are reflected in Maximo, and retired or abandoned GIS features are efficiently removed from Maximo, ensuring an efficient asset management process. 

The Results 

Geonexus delivered the comprehensive integration solution that Broward County WWOD and WWED were seeking. With the software performing bi-weekly syncs between Maximo and GIS, WWOD and WWED now maintain up-to-date data in both systems. They can synchronize data bidirectionally, generate reports on data exchanges and errors, and freely upgrade their GIS and Maximo systems without fears that their integration solution will cause software version lock or downtime. Empowered by Geonexus’ thorough training and user-friendly interface, WWOD and WWED can customize their integration dynamically to meet their evolving needs, with confidence in Geonexus’ ongoing support. 


Geonexus has allowed WWS to ensure data quality during their synchronization every time it runs. The reports generated by Geonexus enable the city to easily monitor daily data changes and maintain a permanent record of this information. 

Having witnessed the initial benefits of the platform, WWS plans to explore additional use cases in the future. They intend to extend the integration to their CIS system, creating or updating resident addresses in IBM Maximo and Esri ArcGIS whenever a new customer is added to the CIS. 

Geonexus would like to thank the Broward County Water and Wastewater Operations division (WWOD), WWED, and ITD for their assistance in writing this case study. For more information on how WWS leveraged Geonexus for IBM Maximo and Esri ArcGIS synchronization, contact 

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