The Oracle® Utilities Integration

The Oracle Utilities Integration Connector allows organizations to synchronize data between Oracle Utilities and other enterprise systems.

It communicates with Oracle Utilities via REST services and JDBC. Through a full-compare approach and reporting, the Oracle Utilities Integration Connector ensures integrity of enterprise data, allowing it to be viewed in either system without requiring viewing at the source. Its no-code approach reduces time and money spent on integrating systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensures the integrity of enterprise data through full compare approach
  • Facilitates scheduled and on-demand synchronization
  • Allows for synchronization with the entire Oracle Utilities Platform including: Oracle Work and Asset Management and C2M/CC&B
  • Provides multi-system capability across enterprise databases
  • Capable of transforming data (value lists, calculated fields, geotransform)
  • Offers comprehensive reporting
  • Supports read, create, update, and delete for all Work and Asset Management Business Objects including Assets, Locations, and Work Orders
  • Supports read, create, update, and delete for all C2M/CC&B Business Objects including Customers, Contacts, Devices, Service Points, and Premises

Connection configuration

An example configuration of a connection to an Oracle Work and Asset Management system.

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Data sources

An example configuration of a premise data source.

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