The Asset Suite Integration

The ABB Asset Suite Integration Connector allows organizations to synchronize data between ABB Suite and other enterprise systems.

It communicates with Asset Suite through the Asset Suite Integration Framework and JDBC. Through a full-compare approach and reporting, the Asset Suite Integration Connector ensures integrity of enterprise data, allowing it to be viewed in either database without requiring viewing at the source. Its no-code approach reduces time and money spent on integrating systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensures the integrity of enterprise data through full compare approach
  • Facilitates scheduled and on-demand synchronization
  • Provides multi-system capability across enterprise databases
  • Capable of transforming data (value lists, calculated fields, geotransform)
  • Offers comprehensive reporting
  • Supports all Business Objects configured for the Asset Suite Integration Framework including Equipment and Locations
  • Full support for Attributes and Equipment Parameters

Connection configuration

An example configuration of a connection to an Asset Suite system.

Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image

Data sources

An example configuration of an equipment data source.

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