Demo – Redefining Data Integration for HxGN EAM & Oracle WAM

Join us for an exciting upcoming demo showcasing the power of seamless data integration in two innovative projects: 

  • Project 1: GIS – Hexagon EAM Connection: Discover how Geonexus leverages dataspies to efficiently locate and find installed hydrants. This project will demonstrate the bi-directional flow of data between Esri ArcGIS and Hexagon, allowing users to effortlessly create hydrants from Esri ArcGIS to Hexagon and then make changes in Hexagon EAM and bring it back to Esri. 


  • Project 2: Oracle WAM – GIS Connection: See a sample data set up for connection between Oracle WAM and GIS to synchronize service lines in WAM to service points in a GIS. Quickly create service line locations from Esri to WAM and bi-directionally synchronizing updates, such as work orders and location IDs, from Oracle WAM to Esri. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the Geonexus Integration Platform (GIP) live in action!

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