How does Geonexus enhance your Esri ArcGIS investment: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

October 26, 2021

Esri ArcGIS software is utilized by over 350,000 organizations across the globe, and its reach is only continuing to grow. Given this giant reach, it is clear that seeing the world through a geospatial framework is important to a wide range of industries and organizations. 

Geonexus knows from experience that ArcGIS is especially vital to Utilities, Transportation, Telecommunication, and Government organizations. As a loosely-coupled, middleware integration solution, the Geonexus Integration Platform can enhance organizations’ Esri investments through more than just integration with enterprise asset management and customer information systems.  

Learn how your organization can make the most of their Esri ArcGIS investment with Geonexus. 

Q: Can Geonexus connect my Esri ArcGIS and my asset management system so data flows back and forth? 

Yes. The Geonexus Integration Platform was built to connect applications and integrate data between GIS, Asset Management, and Customer Information systems using a loosely-coupled, low-code approach. 

The integration platform connects to Esri endpoints, on one side of the integration, via a geodatabase or REST API connection using our out-of-the-box connector. The platform then connects to one of our business logic connectors for both EAM and CIS systems, including IBM Maximo, SAP, ABB Asset Suite and Ellipse, Oracle WAM, Oracle CC&B, and more. With an easy-to-navigate user interface, once connected, Citizen Integrators can own edits, deletes, changes, etc. to their integration.

Q: Can Geonexus support ArcGIS Enterprise to ArcGIS Online collaboration? 

Yes. We’ve found that many organizations choose to leverage Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online (AGOL) together for several use cases, including to share data across departments or organizations, organize field data collections, and more. Through the Geonexus Esri REST API connector, organizations can incorporate their Esri Enterprise or AGOL data within an enterprise integration landscape. 

Q: Does Geonexus support Geometric Network to Utility Network migration and syncing?

Yes. While Geonexus does not perform Utility Network design (check out our technology partners who do), we specialize in migrating and synchronizing data between a Geometric Network and a Utility Network. In fact, Geonexus helps enable organizations to incrementally migrate data so they can still leverage the Geometric Network editing workflows and mobile applications until their Utility Network is fully stood up. 


Q: How does Geonexus handle Branch Versioning and Associations in the Utility Network? 

Built with business-logic in mind, the Geonexus Integration Platform for Esri can handle both Branch Versioning and Associations. When it comes to Branch Versioning, Geonexus enables users to create, post, reconcile, or delete versions within the Geonexus Integration Platform. The integration platform also enables users to assign associations within our platform. To learn more about our Utility Network functionality, watch our recent webinar.


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