Addressing Common Technical Challenges with Enterprise Integrations


Geonexus is leading the way for Utilites and other asset intensive organizations looking for innovative integration solutions by providing a simplified way to bridge the data gap between various enterprise systems. In short, Geonexus helps organizations reduce the complexity around integration projects. In this blog post, we will shed light on the common technical challenges organizations have encountered along this journey while integrating GIS with other leading enterprise systems and how the Geonexus Integration Platform is helping to overcome them. 

Complex Data Mapping

One of the major challenges faced when integrating enterprise systems is the complex data mapping required to ensure proper synchronization. Each enterprise system has its own unique data model, terminology, and structure, making it difficult to accurately map fields and attributes between them. Geonexus helps solve this challenge by building intelligent mapping capabilities and a deep understanding of the business logic of the edge systems within our productized integration connectors. Providing productized integration connectors that understand the business logic and data structure of enterprise systems, along with a collection of out of the box configuration tools, reduces the effort needed to connect systems and sync data across them. 

Data Transformation and Formatting 

Another common technical challenge arises from the need to transform and format data as it flows between different systems. Incompatible data formats, varying data standards, and inconsistent data structures can hinder the integration process. Geonexus addresses this challenge by incorporating robust data transformation capabilities into our connectors. These capabilities enable data to be automatically converted and formatted according to the synchronization requirements set up during initial configuration, ensuring data integrity and consistency throughout the lifetime of the integration. 

Data Visibility & Integrity 

 Another challenge that exists because of data discrepancies is a lack of visibility into data integrity issues as they arise. What happens when something fails? When your integration breaks, does anyone notice before it leads to significant problems? This is a substantial challenge for organizations trying to unify data between systems with custom solutions or manual processes. Integration breakage is usually realized when the problem has reached a critical point and not before. Do you have a proactive measure of data integrity? 

With Geonexus this challenge is solved through active reporting. An in-depth report is provided each time the synchronization is run to allow you a view into exactly what happened and where to pinpoint any discrepancies, errors, duplicates, and more.  

Near-Real Time Data Synchronization

Near-Real Time data synchronization is a critical requirement for many organizations that require accurate and up-to-date information like dispatching the closest vehicle to a gas leak or other types of emergency response. Ensuring field teams can quickly receive, update, and close emergency work orders while ensuring the dispatching team has the most accurate up to date information as well is paramount for proper resource allocation and quicker emergency response times. Finding ways to segment critical data needs from common data synchronization needs is key and often challenging. 

Geonexus understands the significance of near-real time data synchronization and has implemented advanced techniques, such as event-based triggers and asynchronous processing, in our integration connectors with the brand new addition of our Near-Real Time Functionality. These techniques minimize delays and enable near-real-time data exchange, providing organizations with accurate and timely information. 


Finally, scalability is a common challenge faced when integrating enterprise systems. As the integration use cases of the organization continue to expand, and the amount of data that needs to be shared between teams increases, the demand for Commercial-Off-the-Shelf-Solutions (COTS) integration solutions that can handle changing workflows and equip teams to quickly and easily implement new integrations becomes crucial. Geonexus addresses this challenge by designing our integration connectors to be highly scalable, allowing additions or modifications to be made on the fly with little to no code required, enabling the use of citizen integrators.  

About Geonexus 

Geonexus is committed to overcoming the common technical challenges encountered during the integration of enterprise systems. At Geonexus our mission is to ensure integrity and reliability of enterprise data to support effective decision making. Our Integration Platform is an enterprise-grade integration solution that is easy to use, reliable, and includes out-of-the-box connectors for Esri® ArcGIS®, IBM® Maximo, SAP®, ABB® Ellipse, Oracle® Utilities, and other leading enterprise systems. Asset-intensive organizations across the globe use the Geonexus Integration Platform in industries including utilities, telecommunications, pipeline, transportation, and government.  

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